Dubai delivers world's largest rig hull to Norway

DrydocksWorld, the big marine industry giant from Dubai has delivered the giant AkerH-6e, which is the second hull of the world’s largest semi-submersible drillingrig, to Norway last week.

The120-metre long vessel is the second one delivered within eight months the firstone in August 2007.

NawalSaigal, managing director of Drydocks World – Dubai, said: “Thisachievement is testimony to Dubai’s position as the most appropriate centre forbeing assigned giant projects that require advanced equipment and high-endtechnology.”

This is oneof the largest drilling rig hulls to be towed. The hull will mate with the deckat Stord, Norway. These vessels are designed to cope with the challenges ofdeepwater drilling.

Thesevessels can drill up to 7,000 metres through rock while deployed in waters upto 3,000 metres deep, with a maximum drill string length of 10,000 metres.

Whilecelebrating this great success Drydocks World Dubai are poised to take on newchallenges and embark on even more advanced and demanding projects.