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Dynamic Apnea Finals See George Panagiotakis and Natalia Molchanova Take Home Gold Medals


Greece and Russia have taken gold in the A & B finals for Dynamic With Fins (DYN) discipline at the 2015 Individual Pool World Championships.  32 athletes entered the pool however Giorgos “George” Panagiotakis (Greece) and Natalia Molchanova (Russia) were the only ones to leave with gold medals after 280m (and Greek National Record) and 236m dives respectively.

Weather conditions were wet and cold with a lot of athletes huddled under umbrellas and towels to keep warm.  This seemed to have more impact on the men’s final where a number of athletes received penalties.

It is a particularly sweet victory for Pangagiotakis who was denied a Greek National Record earlier this year after his coach George Georgas (who has coached him since 2013) touched him during the surfacing protocol which meant a disqualification even though he had a clean dive.

Six National Records were also set during the finals:

  • Christina MICHALOPOULOU (Greece) 192m
  • Dagmar ANDRES-BRÜMMER (Germany) 186m
  • Giorgos PANAGIOTAKIS (Greece) 280m
  • Alexandr BUBENCHIKOV (Ukraine) 260m
  • Alexey MOLCHANOV (Russia) 258m
  • Ulf LINDBERG (Sweden) 231m

The final standings for the DYN Finals:

#AIDAWCBelgrade2015 DYN Final Standings
#AIDAWCBelgrade2015 DYN Final Standings

#AIDAWCBelgrade2015 Natalia Molchanova takes GOLD
#AIDAWCBelgrade2015 Natalia Molchanova takes GOLD

All Photos Courtesy of and © Copyright Daan Verhoeven

Dynamic Apnea Finals See George Panagiotakis and Natalia Molchanova Take Home Gold Medals 3
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  1. Mr. Whelan the name of the coach that you don't even know is George Georgas. And yes, I am always there for the last 3 years, taking my athlete from 190m back in 2013 to 280m and gold metal today.

    • George – thanks for letting us know – no offense was intended and apologies for not knowing your name directly but there are a lot of athletes and coaches to keep track of worldwide. I have made an edit to the article to reflect your comments and chance the tone of that sentence slightly.


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