Giorgos (George) Panagiotakis has just launched a new website and is offering a free training eBook on Dynamic Apnea (DYN).

Panagiotakis is a Dynamic Apnea specialist and won Gold and the title of World Champion during the 2015 AIDA Pool World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia

Giorgos Panagiotakis also holds four Greek national freediving records – Constant Weight with fins (CWT) -102m, Free Immersion (FIM) -92m, Static Apnea (STA) 8min 46sec  & Dynamic Apnea with fins (DYN) -280m

To get the eBook head over to and sign up for his email list.  You will receive the eBook over email once your subscription is confirmed.

#AIDAWCBelgrade2015 George Panagiotakis takes GOLD
#AIDAWCBelgrade2015 George Panagiotakis takes GOLD

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