Early Registration For 2018 Triton X Open Spearfishing Tournament Closes Soon

Triton X Open Spearfishing Tournament To Be Held In September 2016
The Rules Are Out For The 2017 Triton X Open Spearfishing Tournament

If you’re a spearo living on the U.S. West Coast, don’t forget that early registration for this year’s edition of the Triton X Open Spearfishing Tournament closes August 5th.

IF you register by August 5th, it’s only US$55/~47 Euros. After that, the fee rises to $70/~60 Euros by September 5th and $85/~73 Euros for Same-Day or late registration.

For Urchins, competitors must gather a minimum 20 Gallons/~76 liters unsmashed (Be aware that the rules for Urchins have been changed this year! Check out the tournament website for more info).

As for fish, the species that can be caught include Scallops, Black Rockfish, Blue Rockfish, Cabezon, Halibut, Kelp Greenling, Lingcod, Olive Rockfish, Perch, and Vermilion.

New species for 2018 are Canary Rockfish and Grass Rockfish.

For complete rules, including minimum sizes for fish, and to register, go to freediveshop.com.