You’d think that the perfect crime would be “how to steal a shark from an aquarium.”

Well, apparently three enterprising morons managed to do just that, when they allegedly walked off with a gray horn shark from the San Antonio Aquarium.

What is even more astounding is the way the alleged theft was carried out. There was no “Mission Impossible“-style high-tech breaking and entering; instead, the trio allegedly carried out the heist in full view during opening hours.

On surveillance camera footage of the incident, a man can be seen reaching into the shallow shark tank, before allegedly scooping up the shark and walking off with it, followed by another man holding a towel. The duo do get some odd looks from members of the public, but nobody intervenes, since after all who would steal a shark!

Getting the shark out of the premises was quite easy; the poor female called Helen was allegedly wrapped up to look like a baby and placed in a stroller. She was then simply wheeled out of the aquarium.

Fortunately this gang of alleged “masterminds” did not get away, and after a swift investigation, and plenty of tip-offs from the public, the culprits where identified, and the shark has been recovered from the home aquarium of a 38-year-old man.

Thankfully according to the San Antonio Aquarium, the shark is in good health and was not harmed during her ordeal.

You can check out video of the shocking theft below.

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