Esclapez Announces New Product Line

Esclapez Diving has announced several exciting new products this week for freediving and spearfishing enthusiasts with many more to come. The French-based company is now branching out to the US market.

First up, Escalpez has produced a new slick-skin wetsuit. The suit is constructed by “sandwiching” nylon between two layers of neoprene thus producing a very stretchy and durable suit (see picture). The suit features a camo pattern as well as knee and elbow pads.

Another new item are the carbon fiber fins just announced. The blades come in two stiffness levels and are shorter and wider then traditional longblades. The bottom of the fin features a reflective logo seated under the laminate to increase diver visibility.

A new float was also shown that has the ability to be used both horizontally and vertically offering ease of tow and ultimate visibility.

All the products are design and endorsed by Jean-Baptiste Esclapez himself.

The new wetsuits and fins will be available later this year. New guns and additional products will be released in Spring 2010 with more information to come early next year. (filed by Will Wiggins)

DEMA 2009 - 3 - Esclapez 1

New Carbon Fiber Fins

DEMA 2009 - 3 - Esclapez 2

Strechy Wetsuit!