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SpearfishingFirst Freshwater World Spearfishing Championship To Be Held In USA In 2017

First Freshwater World Spearfishing Championship To Be Held In USA In 2017


The first Freshwater Spearfishing World Championship will be held May 18-20, 2017 in Lake Mead near Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

This meet will be held every odd year so as not to interfere with CMAS Saltwater events.

The competition will consist of three divisions: men’s, women’s, and “mixed double.” Each team will be permitted two divers — two men, two women, and the mixed category will consist of either a man and woman or an under-age-18 boy/girl and an adult. Two teams will be allowed from each country per division.

The meet’s organizers say:

“This is designed to build the sport around our youth and women and families.”

The Hosting Country — in this case the USA, will be allowed to send up to four teams per division. New Zealand, which will host the competition in 2019, will be allowed to have up to three teams per division.

Day 1 will be for spearing stripers, and Day 2 will be for spearing carp. Scouting time will be limited, and competitors will be on the honor system.

The awards ceremony will take place May 20th.

Organizers say they plan to have a website and Facebook page with more details up soon.

John Liang
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