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Fourth Element Unveils Their New Range Of Recreational Freediving Wetsuits

Fourth Element are showcasing their new freediving range of wetsuits at DEMA Show 2019.

The RF1 and RF2 have been developed alongside professional freedivers with the recreational freediver in mind. These new products feature a mix of Smoothskin and lined neoprene allowing for more durability yet maintaining excellent stretch.

Fourth Element's RF1 wetsuit
Fourth Element’s RF1, RF2 wetsuits

The RF1 suit is made for warm water with a thickness of 3mm, although you can easily build the heat up by wearing the RF Vest underneath which will give another 3mm of protection to the suit along with a hood.

Fourth Element's RF1 Vest
Fourth Element’s RF Vest

The RF2 is a cold-water, two-piece version. Its streamlined cut and varied thickness allow for maximum comfort and flexibility. The features include a beavertail closure, glued and blind stich throughout and a hood. The hood has perforation to allow water to enter for easy equalization and Smoothskin to allow for extra hydrodynamics.

The wrists and ankle feature Smoothskin seals for water ingress prevention. The seals mean that you can fold them back so that they do not require lubrication to don the suit on.

Nordic Accounts Manager Rannvá Jørmundsson comments:

“During the promotional photo shoot in Iceland, the diver was in 1 degree Celsius water and after 20 minutes of immersion they took the suit off and the water inside the suit was still warm to touch.”

Both styles will be available beginning in April 2020. The RF1 retails for EUR419/US$489, the RF1 Vest for EUR119/$139, the RF2 Top for EUR289/$335 and the RF2 Leggings for EUR189/$224.

Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown
Victoria is a staff writer for Avidly exploring the underworld since she was twelve, Victoria has been a professional diver for sixteen years and is now based back in the UK following many years touring the snowiest peaks and deepest green seas. From safety diving on media projects to creating content for the coolest brands in the diving industry, she has diving written all over her. Topside she can be found flying about on her bicycle or taking snaps of Sharky the cat.


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