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Freediving Champion Trains German Special Forces Soldiers

German freediver Anna von Boetticher is undertaking one of the more unusual of free diving challenges: She is currently involved with training German special forces soldiers, so that they can improve their breath holding.

So far this year, she has already spent more than 125 days training the elite soldiers.

Boetticher’s involvement came after two soldiers suffered blackouts during training dives. She was then approached by German military officials to see if she can help train the soldiers and improve their freediving capabilities.

According to The Mirror, Boetticher insisted to commanders that it is not possible to teach such advanced skills in a short period of time, and it is understood that she has already completed at least one five-week course with the German commandos. According to Boetticher:

“A short advanced training of a few days was out of the question for me.”

Details of who Boetticher is training and her training regimen are limited, due to security reasons. What is known is that she has been training with a unit to improve their submarine rescue skills.

Anna Von Boetticher, Germany #FacesOfFreediving Photo © Tim Calver/
Anna Von Boetticher, Germany #FacesOfFreediving Photo © Tim Calver/
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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