Free diving champions Alexeiy Molchanov and Aurore Asso are taking part in Pax Arctica, an expedition to one of the remotest regions of the Russian Arctic.

The expedition, which is sponsored by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, aims to explore some of the harshest and remotest region of Siberia.

This unique Franco-Russian expedition stands apart in the fact that not only does it include leading scientists and explorers but also artists, photographers and sports stars. During the expedition, both Molchanov and Asso hope to be able to freedive the site where The Jeannette met her fate.

This year’s expedition will be led by Luc Hardy, the founder of Pax Arctica. The organisation aims to raise awareness and educate people on the challenges faced by Polar, Glacier, and Arctic regions due to climate change. The expedition set off on September 11, 2017, and is expected to last for one month.

For more information, go to the organisation’s website at or check it out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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