Freediving With Whales Is Now Regulated In Dominica

Sperm whale and Freediver (Adobe Stock)
Sperm whale and Freediver (Adobe Stock)

In a bid to boost the island’s ecotourism credentials, Dominica has introduced regulations for freediving with whales in the island’s waters.

Every year, around 300 sperm whales visit the island and experts speculate that around 150 whales call the island home.

The new regulations only offer 10 licenses per year to freedive with the whales. To control the number of participants, a maximum of six people are allowed on any excursion, and once the whales are spotted only three swimmers are allowed in the water at any one time.

Ecotourism is viewed as a cornerstone of the island’s economy and has been publicly endorsed and supported by the Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit.

Check out a video of diving with sperm whales below.