Monday, November 30, 2020

Gates Announces New F707 Housing


Gates Underwater Products today announcesthe new F707 housing specifically designed for the Sony F707 5 megapixel digital still camera. Rich with features found only on higher-end systems, the F707 housing from Gates is designed for both the professional and recreational underwater photographer.

Professionals will appreciate access to all key camera functions on the F707 housing, including manual focus, white balance, auto exposure lock, and complete exposure control in shutter priority, aperture priority and manual modes. For the ‘point-and-shoot’ diver, the F707 can be set for fully auto operation.

Unlike other housings with manual strobe settings, fiber optic slave connections, or other mismatched components, the Gates F707 housing has a matched external trobe.

The F707 strobe is directly and actively controlled by the camera, and when not in use will enter a sleep mode to conserve battery life.

Videographers will also find the F707 attractive. "A videographer will find the F707 an easy transition to digital still photography," comments Elwyn Gates, founder of the company. "Controls like white balance and auto/manual focus will be familiar, and video lights can be directly transported to the F707 for night and close-up shots".

Accessories to the Gates F707 include the Multi Port??? system, allowing dynamic lens changes underwater. A diver can quickly and effortlessly change lenses while submerged and adapt to rapidly changing conditions and opportunities.

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Gates Announces New F707 Housing 3
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