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Golden Dolphin Magazine Releases Outstanding New Dive DVD

Impressive new release of Golden Dolphin, a new VIDEO CD magazine, includes thousands of incredible diving photos, and hours of information and unique features.

This DVD is unlike anything that has come before. It contains the entire first 12 issues of Golden Dolphin on a single DVD disk. There are over 3000 pictures at full screen 1024×768 resolution plus some six hours of DVD quality video in 150 feature stories.

Altogether it constitutes days of superb viewing content and every feature is worth seeing. It covers the globe and features superb work from some of the world’s most outstanding underwater photographers. For those who love the ocean nothing else comes close. At a RRP of $19.95 it is set be the best buy in dive publishing. (available August 15)

NOTE: This is a data DVD for computer use only. It contains high resolution images, interactive content and web links not possible on a video DVD compatible with DVD players used for TV playback. System Requirements are a Windows computer with DVD drive, Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player and a 600 MHz CPU or faster.

About Golden Dolphin: GOLDEN DOLPHIN Video CD Magazine is a bimonthly publication on CD focusing on diving, underwater photography and the ocean world. Its quality of video and still image presentation are unequaled by any other publication or medium. Each issue contains up to a half hour of DVD quality video and superb high resolution automatic multimedia slide shows featuring hundreds of still images.

GD content comes from top professionals and enthusiastic amateurs all over the world. It is subscriber based and takes you where the fascinating subject matter is, not just the popular destinations.

No matter where you live in the world GD is available at the same US$7/issue ($42/yr.) air mail subscription price.

Viewer response to GD has been outstanding but few in the diving world yet know about it. Now, with two years (12 issues) of content gathered it is ready to reach out to a wider audience with its First Biennial DVD Edition.

Innovative New Advertising Section The Golden Dolphin DVD also contains an innovative new advertising section that will attract both viewers and advertisers. Inclusion of product related entertainment content enhances both interest for viewers and impact for advertisers.

The web browser interface of GD also permits seamless linking with advertisers own websites for current or more detailed information. Best of all for advertisers, it advantages the economics of the medium to offer high impact advertising at affordable prices.

For more on the Golden Dolphin DVD see the website. For further details on advertising in it click on the DVD link, then Advertising Information link at the bottom of the main screen.

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