HMAS Sydney to be revealed from the depths

MV Geosounder, a Singapore-based search ship, which found the remains of HMAS Sydney and her nemesis German raider Kormoran last week, was due to leave Geraldton last night on a deep sea voyage to take pictures of the light cruiser which rests on a sea bed about 150kmoff the WA coast, at some 2500 metres deep.

Historians have been investigating for 66 years how the pride of the fleet was sunk by the disguised Kormoran and the photos will reveal how this happened.

Once the Sydney has been photographed, the search vessel will move north to the battle site, then to the resting place of the Kormoran.

A seven-person team will drive the remotely operated vehicle, known as a sub-Atlantic Comanche. It will be tested and retrieved on Thursday at 500m, and again at 1500m, before heading down to the sea bed. The team is expected to return in the next two weeks with the results.