Luxfer responds to erroneous statements

Luxfer Tanks Owners of older Luxfer scuba tanks made from 6351 aluminum alloy have informed Luxfer that they have received erroneous information about these tanks and about Luxfer’s current scuba trade-in program from certain dive shops and scuba retailers in the U.S.

Among the erroneous statements reported to Luxfer are these (in italics), followed by Luxfer’s response:

1. "Luxfer scuba tanks made of 6351 alloy have been recalled by DOT or other regulatory authorities."

Luxfer’s response: This is not true. There has been no recall of 6351-alloy scuba tanks made by Luxfer or any other manufacturer.

2. "Luxfer says that after December 31, 2003, Luxfer scuba tanks made of 6351 aluminum alloy will be obsolete and can no longer be filled."

Luxfer’s response: This is not true. Luxfer is currently offering a commercial trade-in program to enable owners of older Luxfer scuba tanks to turn in their old tanks and receive a $50 voucher per tank that may be applied toward the purchase of new Luxfer tanks. This trade-in program will end on December 31, 2003. However, this does not mean that older Luxfer tanks will be obsolete after that time. Any Luxfer scuba tank, regardless of alloy or age, can continue to be filled and used as long as it is properly maintained and inspected in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and Luxfer requirements and as long as it passes the periodic inspection and requalification required by DOT.

3. "You can turn in either Luxfer or Walter Kidde tanks and receive a $50 voucher as part of the Luxfer trade-in program."

Luxfer’s response: This is not true. The Luxfer scuba tank trade-in program applies only to older Luxfer scuba tanks made of 6351 alloy. Tanks made by manufacturers other than Luxfer are not included.

If you have questions about these or other matters related to the Luxfer scuba trade-in program, please call Luxfer Customer Service toll-free at 800-764-0366.

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