Maverick America is a young company, with a rich pedigree in the international spearfishing and freediving markets.

Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, Maverick was founded by Mark Laboccetta and Petros Yiannikouros to focus on smaller-production, specialized brands to provide American freedivers and spearfishers with the best quality options in the world.

We sat down with Mark (who has 11 world spearfishing records from IUSA) to look at their hybrid speargun line, based on a model by Darian Yokooji.

Mark has 20 years’ experience in the spearfishing industry. After experiencing great success with his involvement in Technosport, Mark wanted to focus on creating a start-up that reflected the heart and soul of craftsmanship in the speargun world. With the Darian Yokooji hybrid speargun, he has been able to create a line of small-batch, quality-made products with a rich history and no constraints on quality and materials.

It is Maverick‘s signature line of craftsman gun, with carefully curated parts assembled in North Carolina. The teak body is built in Hawaii by Yokooji, combined with the modern technology of their carbon fiber shaft, and the handle and trigger from the Steve Alexander original design (which they are now in charge of utilizing).

The speargun comes in four sizes, the two smaller models have two bands, and the two larger models have three. They come in 53 inches (110 cm), 55 inches (120cm), 57 inches (125cm), and 60 inches (132cm). Retail prices range from US$928/872 Euros to $1,054/990 Euros.

For more information, check out the company’s website at

—  By Craig Harris

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