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Paralenz Action Camera Makes DEMA Show Debut

Paralenz made their DEMA Show debut this year, introducing the newest and most original action camera to the diving world.

All the way from Copenhagen, Denmark, CEO Martin Holmberg and company brought DEMA a highly unique underwater recording system. Paralenz is a cylindrical video and photo camera package that resembles a small diving torch. To complement its competitive 4K and high-speed video settings, Paralenz has a depth rating of up to 200 meters (650 feet) without a housing, a brand new ultra light sensitive sensor from Sony, and up to three hours of battery life. It can also be operated with thick gloves; instead of buttons, a mode wheel scrolls between video, photo, a custom preset, power, and settings.

The Paralenz action camera, front facing
The Paralenz action camera, front facing

What truly sets the Paralenz apart from competitor action cameras are two features. The first is depth-controlled color correction, a feature which utilizes an internal depth sensor to add or reduce pink and red tint to the image. Second is the application that comes along with the camera. The Paralenz app allows the diver to not only review the photos and videos from the dive, but to see them on a timeline that matches up with the diver’s depth and temperature log. From the app, media can be posted to social sites with ease.

In December 2016, two hundred beta testers from around the world will receive the Paralenz. After major issues are fixed, you can purchase a Paralenz camera of your own in March 2017 for US$599/563 Euros. Also included in the box: mask strap and universal mounts, a carrying case, lubricants, and stickers. To give yourself the ultimate dive selfie video, you can also purchase an extendable, floating monopod which will allow Paralenz to follow you from above and behind with a simple magnetic stick to your tank. Additional lenses, ball mounts, and monitors are in development.

For more information and updates on Paralenz, visit and follow them on social media.

— By Alexander Finden DEMA Team DEMA Team
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