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More Records Fall on 2nd Day of 32nd AIDA Pool World Championship in Kaunas


The second day of competition at the AIDA Freediving World Championship 2024 in Kaunas showcased extraordinary feats in the most challenging pool discipline—Dynamic No Fins (DNF).

What is Dynamic No-Fins (DNF)

Dynamic No Fins requires freedivers to swim underwater, holding their breath for the longest possible distance without any propulsion aids. This discipline is the most demanding in the freediving pool events.

  • Current Men’s World Record: 250m by Mateusz Malina (Poland, 2022)
  • Current Women’s World Record: 213m by Julia Kozerska (Poland, 2023)
More Records Fall on 2nd Day of 32nd AIDA Pool World Championship in Kaunas
More Records Fall on 2nd Day of 32nd AIDA Pool World Championship in Kaunas

Dominance of Polish Athletes

Polish athletes continued their dominance in DNF, clinching gold medals in both the men’s and women’s categories. Julia Kozerska, the current world record holder, secured her third consecutive world championship title in DNF, reinforcing her position as the top female athlete in this discipline. She set her current world record during the 30th AIDA World Championship in Jeju in 2023.

In the men’s category, Karol Karcz from Poland executed a flawless dive and protocol, correcting the mistakes that cost him the gold medal last year in Jeju to take first place. Hungary also had an impressive showing, taking home silver medals.

More Records Fall on 2nd Day of 32nd AIDA Pool World Championship in Kaunas
More Records Fall on 2nd Day of 32nd AIDA Pool World Championship in Kaunas

New Records Set

This competition day proved fruitful for many athletes aiming to establish new continental and national records, particularly in the women’s category, with eight new records set.

Women’s National Records:

  • Lithuania: 161m by Navašinskait? Evelina
  • Austria: 118m by Mattes Elisabeth
  • Norway: 129m by Østvold Siri
  • Romania: 120m by Boesan Diana
  • Latvia: 116m by Bardiseva Ilona
  • Colombia: 113m by Ninco Diana
  • Hungary: 180m by Tör?csik Zsófia
  • Ukraine: 177m by Sadurska Kateryna

Men’s National Records:

  • Oman: 168m by Al Sulaitni Ibrahim
  • Hungary: 183m by Sopronyi Andras

Continental Records:

  • Women’s North America: 150m by Bruce Natalie (USA)
  • Women’s Asia: 172m by Ozeki Yasuko (Japan)
  • Men’s Africa: 154m by De Wet Anton (South Africa)

Podium Results

Women’s Podium:

  1. Julia Kozerska (Poland) – 202m
  2. Tör?csik Zsófia (Hungary) – 180m
  3. Sadurska Kateryna (Ukraine) – 177m

Men’s Podium:

  1. Karcz Karol (Poland) – 197m
  2. Sopronyi Andras (Hungary) – 183m
  3. Kasten Klaus (Germany) – 175m

The competition continues to unfold, and we anticipate more record-breaking performances throughout the week. Stay tuned for further updates on this thrilling championship.

Watch The Highlights

You can watch the highlights from today in the video below or on YouTube.


This year’s AIDA Pool Freediving World Championship has already been a landmark event, with incredible new records and outstanding performances. The dedication and skill of these athletes continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in freediving. We look forward to seeing even more history as the competition progresses.

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