Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Scuba DivingNAUI Introduces All New Nitrox Books for 2004

NAUI Introduces All New Nitrox Books for 2004


NAUI proudly introduces its two newest training products, the NAUI Nitrox Diver Textbook and NAUI Nitrox Diver Instructor Guide. Completely new and professionally written, the new Nitrox Diver textbook presents information clearly and completely, and makes learning even easier. The new, easy-to-use Nitrox Diver instructor guide contains all of the same integrated features as with other NAUI instructor guides, plus a host of new enhancements.

"These new Nitrox Diver books are yet two more components of NAUI’s award-winning product line and help further distinguish the ‘Quality Difference’ for which NAUI is known worldwide," said Jed Livingstone, Vice President of NAUI. "The consistent quality of our materials combined with the ease of using our proven learning methodology makes choosing to be affiliated with NAUI the logical decision for any retailer or dive professional."

No specialty application forms are necessary and permission to teach Nitrox is automatic for all NAUI instructors. Just buy the new materials, teach the course and register your students for either the NAUI Nitrox Diver program or NAUI Nitrox Diver certification card. Order your new NAUI Nitrox Diver materials today! Internationally, contact your local NAUI corporate office or service center for availability in your region.

NAUI Worldwide is the oldest, second-largest and most respected dive training and certifying organization in the world, and offers a full range of training programs from Skin Diver through Instructor Course Director, with dozens of specialty courses including Nitrox and Technical diving. Thousands of NAUI member instructors, dive businesses, resorts, and service centers are located in countries throughout the world. For further information on NAUI affiliated stores, resorts, and certified diving instruction, contact NAUI at (813) 628-6284 or www.naui.org.

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