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New IMAX???? Movie Deep Sea shows in Florida


PENSACOLA – Underwater adventure documentary Deep Sea debuts on Monday, Jan. 14 at the National Naval Aviation Museum’s IMAX® theatre. Visitors are invited to plunge below the ocean surface to swim alongside some of the planet’s most unique, colorful and fascinating creatures.

Face off with a wolf eel, hunt with a hungry sand tiger shark and dodge hundreds of marauding Humboldt squids. Advanced technology and filming techniques will allow viewers to feel as though they are actually swimming with these incredible creatures.

Filmed over two years in nine enticing locations from Hawaii to British Columbia, Deep Sea is directed by world-renowned underwater cinematographer Howard Hall and narrated by two of Hollywood’s hottest stars, Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.

HOWARD HALL (Director / Director of Photography) and MICHELE HALL (Producer for Howard Hall Productions) are perhaps best known for their underwater IMAX films. In 1994, Howard directed the IMAX 3D feature INTO THE DEEP; Michele was a location manager. In 1998, Michele produced and Howard directed the IMAX feature ISLAND OF THE SHARKS, which was an enterprise of Howard Hall Productions.

Howard was director of underwater cinematography for the Primesco Productions film LOST WORLDS, the MacGillivray Freeman film THE LIVING SEA and was underwater cinematographer for MacGillivray Freeman’s JOURNEY INTO AMAZING CAVES. In 2002, Howard served as underwater sequence director and Michele as production manager for MacGillivray Freeman’s IMAX feature CORAL REEF ADVENTURE, a film in which he and Michele are both featured on-camera.

Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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