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New National Geographic Series, ‘Secrets of the Octopus,’ Features Vancouver Islanders


A new National Geographic series, “Secrets of The Octopus,” features the work of underwater cinematographer Maxwel Hohn and local octopus whisperer Krystal Janicki, both from Vancouver, Canada.

The new film is narrated by Hollywood actor Paul Rudd, and the executive producer is James Cameron.

The series focuses on one of the most iconic species found in Canadian waters: the Giant Pacific Octopus. This creature is a master of camouflage and can change its colors and texture. The large creature has a tentacle span of up to 14ft/4.1m.

Commenting on the work, Hohn stated:

“Octopus are cautious animals that spend a lot of their time living in dens. They’re so powerful they can actually move boulders to help protect themselves from predators, like hungry sea lions. Giant Pacific Octopus are masters of camouflage, they can change not just their skin color, but also their texture — they blend into their environment very effectively. It became a real challenge for us to find our hero character.

“Krystal and I spent hours underwater looking for the right octopus. We were starting to become discouraged until we saw an arm reaching out of a rocky den. We kept our distance, but as the octopus became more aware we weren’t a threat, she became interested in us too, and eventually came out of her den completely. It’s like she chose to be with us. Every time we returned to the den she would come out to greet us. She even led us on a little tour to other parts of the reef. It was an amazing experience and it has made for some incredible TV!”

While Janicki added:

“I knew nothing about GPOs when I started diving, except they were often seen as ‘villains.’ They were slimy, ominous creatures. But when I finally saw one below the surface, I forgot everything I thought I knew about them and became fascinated. I now know they are curious, gentle, and beautiful.

“I still can’t put into words how it feels when their eyes lock with mine, or when they reach out to touch me — and learn who I am. Some of these encounters have made my eyes well up, and I’ve even had goosebumps under my drysuit! I feel they are letting me into their space and their world. It’s such an honour and so very humbling.”

Secrets of the Octopus” premieres on National Geographic on May 11, 2024. Check out the trailer below.

Secrets of the Octopus | Official Trailer | National Geographic

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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