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New Nell Freudenberger Novel ‘The Limits’ Takes On The Deep Ocean


Nell Freudenberger’s latest novel, “The Limits,” due for release on April 9, 2024, takes on the world of the deep ocean.

In her previous work, the best-seller “Lost and Found,” she took on the world of theoretical physics; however, this time in “The Limits” it is the ocean’s turn.

Preparing for her novel, Freudenberger learned to scuba dive on Mo’orea island. She also spent a substantial amount of time learning at the CRIOBE research station on the island. The island plays a significant role in the novel and is one of its primary settings, where one of the main characters works, trying to save coral reefs.

The novel follows the intertwined lives of various individuals from Tahiti to New York and how two lives spiral towards different yet preordained tragedies.

According to Dolen Perkins-Valdez, author of “Take My Hand:”

“The Limits brilliantly renders the era of the pandemic, capturing how two families, in all their imperfections, try so valiantly to hold on to their loved ones in a difficult time. When you combine Freudenberger’s meticulous research with her ability to portray our most complicated selves, the result is a novel that enlightens us in all the ways that truly matter. You will be transformed by this story.”

You can learn more about the book at penguinrandomhouse.com.

Nell Freudenberger's 'The Limits'
Nell Freudenberger’s ‘The Limits’
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