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7 National Records Fall During The First Day of Competition At The One Breath Jamboree

It has officially started: today was the first day of the One Breath Jamboree Competition!  The first ever Freediving Depth Competition in Indonesia.  The first day was a huge success, with lots and lots of white cards, and several National Records!

Huge stand-up ovation to our new National Record holders:

  • Miguel Lozano, Spain, 71m Constant Weight No Fins (CNF)
  • Cheung Lap Hing, Hong Kong, 48m Constant Weight (CWT)
  • Zhengping Lu, Singapore, 38m Free Immersion (FIM)
  • Kim Seng Teoh, Malaysia, 36m Constant Weight No Fins (CNF)
  • Meidy Heryoga, Indonesia, 35m Constant Weight (CWT)
  • Yau Chong Oliver Ng, Hong Kong, 35m Free Immersion (FIM)
  • Nora Lestari, Indonesia, 30m Free Immersion (FIM)

We also had perfect water conditions, sea was flat as a mirror, great visibility and no current, and our amazing Organizers did a great job: everything ran super smoothly from start to finish. Big Thanks to all of you who organised the check-in, the boats, the coaching, the safety, the judging, the countdowns, the warm-up lines, and the platform: you are all awesome!

One Breath Jamboree - Competition 1

The Day One Results

Now for the official results of the first day, as announced by our official AIDA judges Richard Wonka, Sarah Witcher and Jean-Pol Francois…

OBJ 2013 Comp Day 1 results

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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