PADI to Debut Revised Rescue Diver Course at DEMA Show

Rescue Diver Cover PADI announces revisions to the Rescue Diver course will debut at DEMA Show 2004. The primary update to the Rescue Diver course integrates the Emergency First Response program and new course organization.

This integration expands diver knowledge, specially applies first aid to diving and provides instructors with a flexible implementation strategy. This new course design allows the instructor and student to accommodate learning styles, personal preferences and logistics while maintaining validity.

The Rescue Diver course includes more emphasis on rescue training sessions, specifically targeting the characteristics of scuba divers in distress. New to the curriculum is training students in the proper handling and providing of oxygen to an injured diver. Changes in emergency protocol prompted a revision of the previous course and PADI recognized the need to be up to date with available equipment and incorporate current emergency practices.

The revised PADI Rescue Diver course materials follow the same performance based instructional system methodologies that PADI Instructors use and apply in the PADI Open Water Diver course. The new PADI Rescue Diver course materials will be available in October.