Performance Freediving International's 2008 event "LIQUIFICATION"

Starting today, April 21st – 27th, the Cayman Islands will host freedivers from the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Japan, South Africa, UK and several other countries around the world who want to dive, in what is argueably is the best competitive freediving diving location in the world.

This competition saw 11 national records last year and 1 world record. “LIQUIFICATION” is the 3rd annual PFI Cayman Open Competition 08 and is an AIDA Ranked and world recordable competition.

‘Liquification’ will cover 3 depth and 3 pool disciplines over 7 days of freediving competition. There are 5 pool and 5 depth sessions, but also allows individuals to focus on any one or more disciplines they desire. Static apnea, dynamic apnea, dynamic apnea no-fins, constant ballast, constant ballast without fins and free immersion. Winner has the highest overall point score in 6 disciplines.

The freediving world awaits updates of the events from Cayman and can be read here.