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Piero Giobbi And Jessea Lu Take Gold In Caribbean Cup 2017

The 5th outing of the Caribbean Cup in Roatan may be seen as a warm up competition for the AIDA Individual World Championships, but boy did it deliver!

Overall Piero Giobbi from Sweden and Jessea Lu from China took gold medals away.

Full final standings are as follows:

Final Results Caribbean Cup 2017
Final Results Caribbean Cup 2017

The final day also saw 5 new National Records broken:

  • Amerigo Moran (Guatemala) – 68m Free Immersion (FIM)
  • Alenka Artnik (Slovenia) – 100m Constant Weight (CWT)
  • Aolin Wang (China) – 106m Constant Weight (CWT)
  • Maria Belen de la Vega (Argentina) – 55m Free Immersion (FIM)
  • Shigeru Higaki (Panama) – 38m Constant Weight (CWT)

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We also saw Alenka Artnik from Slovenia become the 4th woman in history to hit 100m in Constant Weight (CWT).

Full results from Day 3 are as follows:

Day 3 Results - Caribbean Cup 2017
Day 3 Results – Caribbean Cup 2017

The team behind the rather amazing Diveye camera system were also on site testing their cameras ready for the World Championships.  They published the following video of William Trubridge’s 114m Free Immersion (FIM) dive:

Rather impressive technology!  We look forward to seeing more of it in the coming weeks.

Sadly, the competition was not without its controversy as Alexey Molchanov was disqualified after his 117m Free Immersion (FIM) dive on Day 2 after a fellow competitor made a protest several hours after the results were published saying his surface protocol was not valid even though he received white cards from the judges who judged his dive.

Alexey posted about this on Facebook:

“Today was the second day of Caribbean Cup and I did a successful dive to 117 meters FIM (pulling on the rope), which was actually 118 meter according to both computers. The dive was pretty hard one because of stretchy rope. On the bottom, I was pulling up and it felt like it takes me nowhere, so in the end, it was overall very hard dive. Only sad thing was un-sportsmanship of some fellow freedivers who decided to protest against me half day after the dive and disqualify me, that’s is just sad to have those freedivers around. My wife who is 2 time Olympian in swimming was pretty shocked with poor ethical standards we have here sometimes. Though now during pre competitions it doesn’t really matter, it is just training fo the world championship.”

This has caused quite a stir in the community with many fellow athletes calling it unsporting on the part of the other competitor.

Here are some photos from Monday’s competition:

Amerigo Moran. Photo by Daan Verhoeven
Amerigo Moran. Photo by Daan Verhoeven
Alenka Artnik. Photo by Alex St Jean
Alenka Artnik. Photo by Alex St Jean
Belen de la Vega. Photo by Alex St Jean
Belen de la Vega. Photo by Alex St Jean
Shigeru Higaki. Photo by Kalindi Wijsmuller
Shigeru Higaki. Photo by Kalindi Wijsmuller

Read all the action from the 2017 Caribbean Cup & AIDA Individual World Championships in Roatan.

Photos Courtesy of Alex St Jean, Kalini Wijsmuller and Daan Verhoeven

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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