Pregnant Freediver Bonds With Mother Baby Dolphin

Freediver Algera Ally dives with dolphins while pregnant
Freediver Algera Ally dives with dolphins while pregnant (Photo credit: Erez Beatus)

Pregnant freediver Alegra Ally had an amazing experience in the waters off Hawaii.

While swimming in the ocean with her husband Erez Beatus, the couple came across a group of about 60 to 70 dolphins. Soon one of the female dolphins with her calf broke away from the main group and came over to Ally.

According to the Australian Daily Telegraph, the experience that ensued was captured by Beatus, in a series of dramatic photographs. Ally and the pair of dolphins had a bonding encounter as it seemed that the female dolphin came over to show her calf to an expectant Ally. According to Beatus:

“We always wanted to have this particular experience for Alegra to swim with marine mammals when she was pregnant.”

He added:

“It was as if she was showing the baby to us. It was an incredible experience.”

Both Ally and her husband have described the experience as “incredible.”

Check out a bunch of the photos Beatus took here.

(Photo credit: Erez Beatus)