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Amazing Breakthrough in Human and Dolphin Communication

Combining technology and biology, marine scientists have a major breakthrough in their thirty-year quest to communicate with dolphins.

Check Out Volivoli Beach Resort Fiji’s New Dolphin Safari Tour

Volivoli Beach Resort recently introduced a new "Dolphin Safari Adventure." 

Pregnant Freediver Bonds With Mother Baby Dolphin

Freediver Alegra Ally has epic encounter with a mother and baby dolphin.

Dolphins And The Go Freediving Southern Red Sea Liveaboard

I was really thrilled when Go Freediving's Founder and Head Instructor - Emma Farrell - announced that the next Go Freediving liveaboard would be...

Divers Identified After Facebook Campaign

UPDATE 22:30 GMT Sunday 8th March: We understand that the people in the photo have been identified and authorities are going through legal proceedings....

[VIDEO] Dolphin Stampede Captured By Drone

Dolphin Stampede Captured By Drone

Zapata Racing introduces a “Human Dolphin” watercraft

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a human dolphin! Well, perhaps not exactly, but the France-based water sports company Zapata Racing has come...

The Dolphins, the Shark, and the Evil Sea Monkeys : Part...

Up-and-coming freediver Todd Storey's account of his first formal training course.

Monofins For Freedivers: Part I

Aharon and MT on the now-ubiquitous monofin, the reasons why.

Talbot Dolphins and Orcas DVD Review

Bob Talbot's new release on DVD gets a thumbs-up from DeeperBlue.net's resident filmmaker Emma Farrell.

The HMS Dolphin Experience

Paul jets to the UK for a long weekend to experience the Submarine Escape Training Tower (SETT) in Portsmouth, England
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