Public disputes over Shark Diving in the Bahamas

Since the attack by a bull shark in the Bahamas on Mr. Markus Groh much controversy has hit diving forums, newspapers, marine conservationist groups and public opinion. In a recent publication on, it reports that an underwater photographer and supporter of Jim Abernethy, the owner of M/V Shearwater from which Mr. Groh was diving, has written to Shark Diver after seeing their blog that state that Mr Grohdied at Tiger Beach.

In the series of posts in this blog is it implicated that the incident happened at Tiger Beach, and there also might have been a tiger shark involved in the attack.

A serious debate has been sparked accusing Shark Diver of irresponsible publishing. Wetpixel has allegedly interviewed Shark Diver whose apparent response is that more serious issues regarding sharks should be addressed, with particular reference to the slaughter of sharks worldwide.

A petition has also been started for people who are in support of cageless shark diving in the Bahamas and also in support of the business of Mr. Jim Abernethy. The petition is represented by a mixture of divers, conservationists, sharkenthusiasts, scientists, and professional photographers and filmmakerswho support conscientious and responsible cageless sharkdiving operations including Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures in theBahamas.

According to Shark Diver, The Bahamas Dive Association sent a Cease and Desist letter in2006-7 to all operations in the Bahamas referring to non cagedencounters with macro predators.

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