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Record-Breaking Start at 32nd AIDA World Championship in Kaunas


The 32nd AIDA World Championship kicked off today, June 24, 2024, in Kaunas, Lithuania, with a bang. The spotlight was on the Dynamic Bifins (DYNB) event, where freedivers swim underwater using bifins while holding their breath for the longest possible distance. This discipline, the newest addition to the freediving lineup since 2018, showcased thrilling performances.

Dynamic Bi-fins (DYNB) Highlights

Magdalena Solich Talanda of Poland holds the AIDA World Record with an impressive 243 meters in the women’s category. On the men’s side, Mateusz Malina, also from Poland, continues to lead the pack with a record of 290 meters.

AIDA Pool World Championship Kaunas 2024 - Day 1: DYNB
AIDA Pool World Championship Kaunas 2024 – Day 1: DYNB

A Historic Day for Records

Today marked a historic opening for the AIDA Pool World Championships:

  • 13 women’s national records
  • 9 men’s national records
  • New continental records for North America
  • Cuba’s first-ever gold medal, also a first for North America
  • Korea’s debut on the medal podium

This championship, which included 114 athletes from 35 countries, is the largest in AIDA’s history. The atmosphere was electric, with support and enthusiasm from teams and online fans.

AIDA Pool World Championship Kaunas 2024 - Day 1: DYNB
AIDA Pool World Championship Kaunas 2024 – Day 1: DYNB

Women’s Podium

  • Kozerska Julia (Poland) – 225m
  • Kim Jiyeon (South Korea) – 217m
  • Sadurska Kateryna (Ukraine) – 216m

Men’s Podium

  • Salgado Rolando (Cuba) – 255m
  • Karcz Karol (Poland) – 250m
  • Lesaffre Clement (France) – 232m

Continental Records

Women’s AIDA Continental Records:

  • North America: 160m – Gallardo Enchante (USA)
  • North America: 184m – Devana Tajik Anastasia (USA)
  • North America: 205m – Bruce Natalie (USA)

Men’s AIDA Continental Records:

  • North America: 193m – Cintra Erik (USA)
  • North America: 225m – Salgado Rolando (Cuba)

National Records

Women’s AIDA National Records:

  • South Korea: 217m – Kim Jiyeon
  • Austria: 150m – Mattes Elisabeth
  • Latvia: 150m – Bardiseva Ilona
  • Romania: 147m – Boesan Diana
  • Latvia: 150m – Stecenko Glorija
  • Norway: 167m – Østvold Siri
  • Israel: 150m – Sklair Thalia
  • Finland: 173m – Kulkula Janita
  • Lithuania: 165m – Solovjova Jelena
  • Columbia: 153m – Ninco Diana
  • Hungary: 207m – Tör?csik Zsófia
  • Ukraine: 216m – Sadurska Kateryna
  • Spain: 160m – Prieto Cacabelos Lorena

Men’s AIDA National Records:

  • Canada: 177m – Desaulniers Sylvain
  • Serbia: 156m – Radovic Marko
  • Germany: 227m – Kasten Klaus
  • Finland: 213m – Paananen Olavi
  • Japan: 207m – Oi Shinya
  • Lithuania: 197m – Tetervov Aleksandr
  • Sweden: 232m – Spreitz Elings David
  • Germany: 229m – Sadowicz Michael
  • France: 232m – Lesaffre Clement

Watch The Highlights

You can watch the highlights from today in the video below or on YouTube.

Looking Forward

The vibrant and supportive atmosphere at the pool today set the tone for what promises to be an exciting four-day competition. With numerous national and continental records already shattered, we eagerly anticipate more groundbreaking performances as the week progresses.

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Photos and Videos courtesy of ICARUS Sports

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