Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Results of the South East Asia Team Freediving Pool competition


The first South East Asia (SEA) Team Freediving Pool competition took place in Penang, Malaysia on 10th-11th December.

Teams from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia competed, with Singapore winning first place overall, Malaysia coming in second and Indonesia in third place in the women’s competition. In the men’s, Singapore also placed first, with Malaysia in both second and third place. Freediving is exploding amongst the middle classes of South East Asia and we hope to see some strong athletes competing internationally soon. Team Malaysia already impressed with a solid performance at the 2016 AIDA Team World Championship in Kalamata.


Michelle Ooi
Michelle Ooi


Highlights of the competition included:

  • Jonathan Chong (Singapore) Dynamic (DYN) performance of 137m, 106m DNF and 6:02 min STA
  • Paul Sack Wai Kei (Malaysia) new Static (STA) record of 5min 41sec
  • Michelle Ooi (Singapore) 80m Dynamic No Fins (DNF) and 4min 34sec Static (STA)
  • Anqi Lim (Singapore) 118m in Dynamic (DYN)

Anqi Lim. Photo by Azua Shafii.
Anqi Lim. Photo by Azua Shafii.

Final Results:

Final Results: Men
Final Results: Men

Final Results: Women
Final Results: Women

Results of the South East Asia Team Freediving Pool competition 4
Yvette Bezuidenhout
Past life: scuba instructor. English teacher/ freediver. Author of Wayan and the Turtle King, a children's book on the effects of plastic on the marine environment.


  1. ” Freediving is exploding amongst the middle classes of South East Asia…”

    I’m sorry to point on what I feel is poor journalism, is there a need to mention “middle class” in freediving competition? Are we seeing people based on their social economy background? English is not my first language, and thus I may not get what is writer trying to convey. I believe those freedivers competing on that event did come from various backgrounds regardless of their socio-economic status.

  2. Hi Radziah, thank you for your reply. Certainly, the comment is not intended to insult anybody. As a freediver who has lived in SEA for almost 2 years and has taken part in a few local competitions in SEA, I have met my fair share of athletes from the region.

    In fact, I am excited by the fact that people are financially empowered to take part in a sport that can often come across as elitist due to the costs associated with gear, training, travel etc. Freediving is not a cheap sport, in SEA or elsewhere in the world, so it makes me happy that there are people who CAN progress to make the playing field more representative. I think we should celebrate that fact, which is why I chose to write about the competition.

    I hope this clarifies my point of view.



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