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Riffe Unveils New Spearguns At DEMA Show

Riffe has several new products making first appearances at DEMA Show 2016.

For spearguns, Riffe’s new modular guns will be welcoming new products for traveling divers. These spearguns have a removeable forward portion that, along with a divided spear, makes everything half-length for packing in luggage for travel.

The gun halves join by two heavy stainless steel pins. The spear shaft halves thread together. The company recommends users apply some medium-strength Locktite to prevent the shafts from potentially unthreading.

An added benefit is that different-length front ends may be used with the same back end, giving the diver the option to select the length gun they want without having two complete guns of different length on hand.

The modular option is available on the company’s Euro Series guns for about US$100/94 Euros extra, placing these spear guns in the $662/625 Euro to $750/708 Euro range.

Additionally, a new low-profile reel is available for $167/158 Euros, or $244/$230 Euros with 125 feet/38 meters of line included.

Riffe also has a new women’s cut wetsuit with camo pattern. This wetsuit will retail at $350/330 Euros or $420/397 Euros for 3 and 5 mm thickness respectively.

Three bags are making first appearances at DEMA as well. The Castoff is a tall roller bag retailing at $278/263 Euros. The Drifter is a utility backpack setup at $167.50/158 Euros, and the Trap is a fin bag at $73/69 Euros.

Riffe has partnered with Nixon watches to fashion three new watches styled with Riffe camouflage patterns.

The ìUnit Diveî is a full functioning freedive watch retailing at $300/283 Euros. The ìSuper Unitî is a high-shock, outdoor watch that’s water resistant to 300 meters/984 feet and retails at $200/189 Euros, and the “Low Down” is a tidal tracking watch retailing for $150/142 Euros that can display tidal information for 270 beaches worldwide through the year 2023. These watches are currently marketed through

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Ron Smith
Ron Smith
Ron Smith developed the DOL-Fin hydrofoil type monofin products, and used his DOL-Fin Orca to set a US dynamic record in 2012. Ron is an award winning aerospace engineer and inventor, specializing in fluid dynamics, control systems design, simulation development and system performance prediction. He has been using his engineering background to develop new diving technology to make make the oceans more accessible for exploration.