Ron Smith

Ron Smith developed the DOL-Fin hydrofoil type monofin products, and used his DOL-Fin Orca to set a US dynamic record in 2012. Ron is an award winning aerospace engineer and inventor, specializing in fluid dynamics, control systems design, simulation development and system performance prediction. He has been using his engineering background to develop new diving technology to make make the oceans more accessible for exploration.

Riffe Unveils New Spearguns At DEMA Show

Riffe has several new products making first appearances at DEMA Show 2016. For spearguns, Riffe’s new modular guns will be welcoming new products for traveling divers. These spearguns have a...

JBL Features New Wetsuits, Bi-Fins, Spearfishing Float At DEMA Show 2016 stopped by the JBL booth at DEMA Show 2016 for a brief chat on the products the company is showcasing at this year's convention. JBL’s new Vertigo wetsuits introduce...

OpenROV’s Trident Redefining ROV Systems And Their Uses

OpenROV is an open-source business, which aims to bring together people and technology to make the oceans more accessible to people and to scientific exploration. Their new Trident Remotely...

Indigo Debuts At DEMA 2016 With Innovative New Products

Indigo Industries is a new business debuting at DEMA Show 2016, and they are presenting several new products targeted at addressing diver mobility. The Nautilus GLH and XP are tank-mounted...

Body Glove Unveils New Freediving Wetsuit

Body Glove introduced the company's new freedive wetsuit at DEMA Show 2016. The freedive suits are available in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm thicknesses and are two-part suits consisting of a...
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