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Scubapro Introduces New Evertec LT Drysuit

Scubapro Introduces New Evertec LT Drysuit

Scubapro has introduced a lighter-weight Evertec drysuit, the LT.

The new Evertec is everything a top class drysuit should be – lightweight but tough,” the company said.

This is the redesigned, lighter-weight version of the original Evertec tri-laminated drysuit with telescopic torso, flex seals and new seamless heel neoprene socks. The Evertec LT meets the needs of every diver — recreational, technical and even the extreme.

The new suit’s features include:

  • Lightweight ripstop material – 25% lighter material than its predecessor
  • TIZIP MasterSeal® zip
  • Sealed with double stitching on the internal seams for a long lasting and reliable wear
  • Hard wearing yet soft Kevlar kneepad
  • Seamless socks – flexible sizing
  • Swivel Si-Tech valves
  • Front diagonal zip allows easy don and doffing
  • Easily accessible pockets on the upper leg
  • Telescopic system with suspender and crotch belt for added support
  • Adjustable automatic outlet valve
  • EverFlex Warm-Neck collar for maximum comfort
  • I-Safe holder for the safe attachment of instruments
  • Seamless socks made from a compressed neoprene fibre allows socks or boots to be worn comfortably in addition
  • Inclusive with 6.5mm hood and high quality carry bag.

For more info, check out the Scubapro website.