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SUBGEAR and Trygons Jointly Develop New Carbon Freediving Fins

SUBGEAR and Trygons have teamed up to develop a new series of carbon freediving fins:

  • Carbon S1: Stereo fins – made with 99% Carbon for an incomparable force and unbeatable performance.
  • Carbon S2: Stereo fins – made with a combination of carbon and fiberglass for a top quality/price ratio.
  • Carbon M1: Monofin – a carbon and fiberglass compound, designed to avoid cramping.

William Winram wore SUBGEAR‘s Carbon S1 blades for his 2013 world record — reaching a depth of 94 meters.


Trygons are renowned for their unique way of thinking, distinctive designs as well as their advanced materials and innovative production techniques. SUBGEAR is proud to be working with one of the most successful names in the freediving scene and to have the opportunity to develop the Carbon fins together.”

Some more info on the fins:

Carbon Fibre Technology – Just like Formula 1

Carbon blades provide the best performance in freediving fins. And SUBGEAR uses the highest available carbon fibre possible, similar to that used in Formula 1 cars and aircraft.

Increased Power plus Comfort

The transfer of power from the body to the blade is through a single inelastic band. This band directs the energy to where it is needed and nowhere else. The feet are comfortable in the incredibly soft rubber foot pockets and the hydrodynamic shape reduces any resistance giving them an enormous hydrodynamic advantage over the competition.

Unique Development Technique

Each component, the foot pockets, the blade and the side rails are designed individually so that each single element offers the maximum performance. The result is a push that even the beginner will not fail to notice.

The new soft foot-pocket plays no part in the blade bending. Traditionally, the rigidity of the foot-pocket rail was used to power the blade. These fins were called 100% carbon, where in fact, most of their actual elasticity and firmness originated from the rubber foot-pocket rail.

Our rail piece is there only for streamlining the flow and nothing more. As a direct result, the blades are thicker and stiffer than before. The new blades do the work by themselves! We can now claim that these are the first ever REAL fibre reinforced fins.

[vimeo w=700]

Subgear Carbon Fins

John Liang
John Liang
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