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SEAC Showcases New Regulator, Mask at DEMA Show 2022


The folks at SEAC showed off some new interesting products at this year’s DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida, including a new regulator, dive mask and fins.

The SET PX100 consists of a regulator with DIN or INT 230 bar connection and an octopus. It has a simple piston first stage with a high-pressure port and four low-pressure ports that makes it extra safe. It’s perfect for using in cold water (<10°F/-12.2°C), ideal for diving centers and recommended for beginner divers due to it being easy to maintain and service.

The ICONA mask is a frameless single-lens mask for scuba diving, with a temperate glass that is ultra-resistant with 4mm thickness. The silicone inside the skirt has a matte texture to eliminate reflection. The edge of the mask is shiny and slightly curved to increase the grip area, making it more suitable, avoiding wrinkles on the face. It’s made with a material that is not as soft but is still comfortable and this feature makes it resistant to pressure in deeper dives. Some of the best improvements, compared to older versions, is the 3D rocker buckle, two types of over molded silicone to obtain an ergonomic skirt that adapts to the face.

New SEAC dive masks at DEMA Show 2022
New SEAC dive masks at DEMA Show 2022

SEAC also showed off its PINNE F1 fins, one of the most popular products and a No. 1 selling in Europe so far. The blade material is a high-performance compound of Ultralight Flex technopolymers that makes them very lightweight yet powerful. Some of the improvements of these fins is that it has a Sling Strap System which is very comfortable and easy to use, plus, the flexibility of the blade provides less effort while swimming. The price for these fins will be US$99/~€101.

SEAC fins showcased at DEMA Show 2022
SEAC fins showcased at DEMA Show 2022

Even though these products are not in sale yet, the SEAC team hopes to have them be available by Christmas, so make sure to tell Santa to go to!

by Karla Rodriguez DEMA Team DEMA Team
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