SEACAM Announces Two New Digital SLR housings

Sea-Cam Logo SEACAM USA is proud to announce the availability of housings for the Canon EOS1Ds and Nikon D100 digital SLR cameras. The Canon EOS1Ds is undisputed champion of high-resolution digital imaging, and now SEACAM provides a state-of-the-art submersible housing to adapt this camera to underwater use.

With mineral glass ports and 3 interchangeable viewing optics, including the revolutionary Sport-180 and Swivel-45 degree magnified viewfinders, the SEACAM housings provide the ultimate in craftsmanship and ergonomics.

Only SEACAM offers the possibility of such impressive magnified viewing, with a +/- three diopter correction to adjust to personal vision.

The Nikon D100 is the most popular digital SLR camera available today. The SEACAM housing allows the use of all relevant lenses, including the new 12-24mm zoom lens, by means of a wide variety of dome and flat ports. The unique SEACAM SILVER finish resists abrasion and corrosion, while black flocked interior coating eliminates light bounce and traps any errant drops of water.

Distributed in North America and the Caribbean exclusively by Stephen Frink Photographic, SEACAM is the choice of the discriminating underwater photo enthusiast.

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