Hold on to your fins, there’s a scuba diving movie coming out soon that seems to paint a not-too-positive picture of sharks.

The film, “47 Meters Down,” was directed by Johannes Roberts and stars Mandy Moore and Claire Holt as sisters who wind up trapped in a shark cage on the ocean floor with dwindling air and great white sharks looming.

In a recent Instagram post, Moore wrote:

“It’s finally happening! Nearly 2 years ago, @claireholt and I spent 2 months underwater in both London and the Dominican Republic to shoot #47metersdown. It’s a race against the clock thriller, complete with sharks and a rapidly dwindling supply of air. Pretty much my nightmare.”

“47 Meters Down” will be released in theaters June 16th and it’s rated PG-13 in the USA. Check out the film’s trailer below.

How well do you think this movie will fare at the box office? Leave a comment below.

New Trailer For '47 Meters Down' Movie Released
New Trailer For ’47 Meters Down’ Movie Released

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  1. Once again, Hollywood is stereotyping sharks to want to eat humans – in reality sharks are not so blood lust but more so curious?

  2. I hate those movies! Seriously, have met a lot of sharks and none of them ate me. What is wrong with Hollywood? This is bull and not helping at all.

  3. To even think of producing such a movie…..

    So who financed it, an Asian fin soup restaurant…..?

  4. This is so mindlesss from deeper blue. I thought you were a respectable magazine but supporting suchmovies is only promoting the ignorant baseless fear of sharks. With such movies being supported by deeper blue how can we as divers be respected?

    It is a shame such movies are still made. Absolute crap technically and absolute lies when it comes to sharks that are slaughtered by the hundeds, not for their meat but as casualties in other fishing and ofcourse finning for the chinese markets!


  5. Movies are supposed to be for entertainment value. This will be a must see for my family. Just to do what movies are made to do, escape reality for awhile.If you want to stand up for shark rights,go talk to the people that made Jaws!

  6. I am already hating it. How can you call insulting some one’s intelligence “entertaining”? These movies always have the same story line. They start off with six people, four or five die and two just walk away in the end. I am not going to waste my time to see this movie

  7. I like sharks, and all though this movie is only a level above Two Headed Shark Attack as far as quality goes, I’ll probably still go see it. Sharks get my girl excited in all the right ways.

    Interesting coincidence, last night I dreamed I was diving off of some murky California waters, and as soon as I looked into the water, a four foot bull shark bit my foot. I woke up screaming like a little girl.

    Cool trailer.

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