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Share the International Affair of Diving

What a truly powerful tool the Internet is. In a matter of seconds, people throughout the world can become informed of news, connect to sites that expand interest or knowledge, purchase products or services without ever leaving the comfort of their couch, and share information with others that have common interest. However, as powerful of a tool as the Internet is, it still requires the creative passion and innovative techniques of those who operate it to make the World Wide Web a useful instrument of sharing information. As a member of the Internet community, Deeper Blue is committed to offering all of our readers a means to share ideas, techniques, stories and adventures that relate to the world of scuba.

All of the efforts that the regular staff of Deeper Blue has presented cannot begin to scratch the surface of the limitless stories and adventures of our loyal readers. With the ever-expanding list of regular readers also comes the wonderful opportunity for new knowledge to be brought to light or adrenaline-pumping adventures to be retold or useful tips to be shared. Deeper Blue is an international publication that is limited only by the technology that drives it; and with today’s ever expanding access to the Internet the limits are decreasing at an exponential rate every year.

Deeper Blue invites our readers to submit stories, adventures, tips and photos. This publication is not limited to those who are just staff members. It is a forum for our readers to become contributors and for our contributors to become more connected with the diving community. We have all seen other divers who have developed a wonderful new technique for a particular type of dive or a fantastic skill that is not normally taught by certification agencies. Deeper Blue is the perfect opportunity to share and express that information with others who hold a passion for diving. The world of diving is both a science and an art, so creativity is welcomed so long as it is tempered with discipline.

I offer my personal invitation for you, our reader, to share your contribution with others that visit out site on a regular basis. Take a moment to put together a few photos that you are proud of and have them become seen throughout the world on our Photo Gallery, or perhaps you were once a disillusioned diver who has finally discovered a way to make a dive trip work out perfectly every time. Regardless of what level of knowledge you possess, you are invited to submit your piece to us. Who knows…perhaps next month, you will see your work published for the entire Internet world to see.


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