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South African Freediver Captures Some Really Cool Sardine Run Footage


South African Freediver Beth Neale has managed to capture some really cool footage of the Sardine run using her freediving skills.

Neale achieved the feat off the coast of KwaZulu Natal, where she resides.

To take the stunning images and footage, Neale used a series of cameras, including an Insta 360-degree camera as well as a drone and a GoPro.

Discussing her achievement, Neale said:

“What an incredible feeling to freedive into millions of sardines! I feel so fortunate, as most people only get to see the sardines as they are hauled onshore in nets, sold in crates on the roadside, or even in a can. Underwater, you get to see these fish in their true glory, shimmering with iridescence as they move, mesmerisingly, together as if one massive organism. Once you penetrate the top layer, they realign above you, blocking out the sun so everything goes dark. It’s quite intimidating!”

Commenting about the sheer number of sharks in the water at the same time, she said:

“There were hundreds of sharks swimming through the shoal, feeding, and they nearly bump into you as they fly by. Luckily, they only have one thing on their minds – sardine snacks!”

Check out her Instagram post below.

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I’ve come down with South Coast Sardine Fever!? ? The Sardine Run is when millions (probably billions) of sardines migrate up the East Coast of South Africa every year, with lots of predators following… including humans with their nets! This has been the biggest run on this coastline in many years! ? ? It’s intimidating freediving down into the shoal, once you penetrate through the top layer, they reform above and block out the sun so everything goes dark. And then there’s also hundreds of sharks swimming through the shoal feeding, so they will nearly bump into you as they fly though! Luckily, they only have one thing on their mind – sardine snacks.? ? The sardines are an important part of the ocean food chain, and the human one. While I was marvelling at the indescribable abundance of sardines underwater, thousands of South Africans were gathered on the beaches filling their shirts, bags, pockets and hands with sardines overfilling the nets! ? ? @infosouthcoast @coralwet ? ? #800down? #ocean? #freediving? #meetsouthafrica? #animallovers? #marinelife? #sardines? #baitball? #sharks? #diving? #savethereef? #mermaid? #goprohero8? #goproza? #sardinerun? #southcoastza? ? ? @discoverocean? @diveeasy? @discoversharks? @angels.of.the.sea? @artvisuality? @natureisfuckinwet? @theocean? @underwaterstuffs? @littlefishhub? @dissocean? @ocean_magazine? @maestro320? @ocean? @wildlifeplanet? @fathomlesslife? @diveandbefree? @naturee? @oceanarmor? @savethereef

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Sam Helmy
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