SpearDivers TV Showcases Spearo Lifestyle

SpearDivers is a television show filmed primarily in the Florida Keys with future episodes to be shot in additional locations such as Hawaii and the Bahamas. The premise of the show is to highlight and promote the fun and adventure of the hunt spearfishing while free diving the crystal Caribbean waters of the Florida Keys. In addition, SpearDivers gives an accurate portrayal of the “lifestyle” of seasoned divers in tropical locations and produces segments of preparing and cooking the fish they have caught, and providing helpful information on what to do beyond “the catch”.

SpearDivers focuses on the reality of the sport of spearfishing without the “Hollywood” distractions allowing the viewer a true feeling of what it is like to hunt the unpredictable realm of the underwater world. This show is a fast paced, informative, and entertaining look at the sport that is the fastest growing mainstreem aspect in water sports.

Check SpearDivers out at: http://www.speardivers.com/