An updated version of the Static Trainer breath-hold app has been released.

Static Trainer version 6.0 was recently released for Apple and Android smartphone and tablet users who want to do breath-hold training with a buddy or group.

Its newest feature is an AIDA-style “max attempt” with a countdown to the “official top.” The app allows the user to choose how he or she wants the audio count to start telling him/her the time elapsed and how long between each message. For example, the user can begin the count after the first three minutes with 30-second intervals, followed by a switch to 20-second intervals at the 4:10 mark and then move to 10-second intervals at the 4:40-minute mark.

The Static Trainer app has a whole bunch of other features, including five distinct timer displays, a horizontal timer for group training sessions; O2 and CO2 tables that can be customized to the freediver’s preference; a male or female voice — or even no voice at all; logging of up to 40 tables and then the ability to export those tables to a computer; a stopwatch and many more.

For the Apple iOS version click here, and for the Android version click here.