Tuesday, September 26, 2023
FreedivingSuunto Unveils New D4 Freediving Watch

Suunto Unveils New D4 Freediving Watch


Suunto is sporting a new wrist-top dive watch chock-full of new features for freedivers.

The company took feedback from freedivers to improve the features that was on the D3 watch, according to Ryan Crawford, Suunto’s U.K. sales manager.  

"Freedivers were complaining that in between one-second intervals, they’re actually traveling a lot further" that what the older D3 model was capable of recording, Crawford told DeeperBlue.net this week at the annual Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association trade show here.

The new D4 now is able to record the freediver’s depth three times per second, instead of only once per second as the D3 did.

Another new feature of the D4 is a capability to graphically re-create a complete dive on a second-by-second basis, from floating on the surface to the dive itself and all the way back to the surface, telling the user how deep he or she went, how long the dive lasted as well as the water temperature.

The D4 will retail for US$650, according to Crawford. While Macintosh computers can use the software that comes with the device if they have a Windows emulator, the company to date has not developed MAC-only software for it yet.

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