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Video: James Cameron from Mariana Trench Released

James Cameron has released footage from his historic 11km/7mile dive to the deepest point in the oceans - the Mariana Trench.“My feeling was one...

James Cameron reaches Mariana Trench

James Cameron has reached the deepest point in the ocean, the Mariana Trench, nearly 11km/7miles down using his custom made submarine "Deepsea Challenger".  He...

James Cameron to Dive the Mariana Trench

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and filmmaker James Cameron has announced he will soon operate a one-man submarine seven miles deep to the Pacific's Mariana Trench,...

The race to reach 8 miles down

We've had the race into space, now we have the race to the bottom of the ocean: the Mariana Trench.This epic journey 8 miles...

The HMS Dolphin Experience

Paul jets to the UK for a long weekend to experience the Submarine Escape Training Tower (SETT) in Portsmouth, England
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