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Paul Kotik

Paul Kotik has been a Staff Writer and Freediving Editor for He lives in Florida, USA with his family.

Patrick Musimu – A Constant Contract

In memory of Patrick Musimu, who passed away on July 21st 2011, we are republishing this article covering Patrick's 87m Constant Weight World Record by Paul Kotik

Gulfstream Invitational Competition Course Announced

July 8, 2008, Ft. Lauderdale  -  Freediving Instructors and Trainers, the training agency founded and directed by Martin Stepanek, has announced a first-of-its-kind training event, the F.I.T GULFSTREAM INVITATIONAL...

Your First Freediving Course: Resistance Is Futile

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik finally comes up for air - and a hard-earned insight for students of the art.

12-Foot Hammerhead Landed By Beach Fisherman

Flagler Beach, Florida - A casual fisherman casting from a popular Florida beach has caught and landed a 12-foot, 550 lb. hammerhead shark, further assuaging concerns that...

First Artificial Reef in Red Sea

Eilat, Israel: Divers of the coast of Eilat these days are witness to the first artificial reef development project in the Red Sea, a project undertaken by...

SONY Free Like No Other: Game Week

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik from Deeper Blue Central Command in Florida, gathering and reporting field operatives' dispatches from Dahab.**NEW WORLD RECORD - FRIDAY VIDEO UPDATE**

Freedivers In Ocean Preservation Alliance

Washington, DC -- World Champion breath-hold diver Martin Stepanek and teammate Niki Roderick are partnering with the ocean conservation group Oceana leading up to their World Record...

Great White In UK Waters!

Cornwall, UK - The Sun is reporting ( not on Page 3) sightings of a Great White shark in the waters of Cornwall. Details and...

Video Updates from SONY Free Dahab

Dahab, Egypt - Two more video updates from the SONY Free - Like No Other event in Dahab have been posted to the Sealungs YouTube Channel.

US Medals In AIDA Indoor Worlds

Press Release: The United States Apnea Association (USAA) is pleased to announce that four US athletes participated in the 2007 International Association for the Development of...

Jumbo Squid Invade Northern California Waters

Monterrey, California - Surveys indicate that large numbers of a jumbo squid species, Dosidicus gigas, have swarmed into the coastal waters of Northern California. Known popularly as...

VIDEO: Stepanek, Roderick in Freediving World Record Attempts

Press Release Martin Stepanek To Reclaim Title: Deepest Man In The World SONY Free 2007 - Like No Other On August 5, 2007 World Champion breath-hold diver Martin Stepanek will begin a...

U.K. Man in North Pole Aquatics Stunt!

North Pole - The Daily Mail reports that a Briton has become the first man to swim the North Pole. Lewis Pugh, 36, spent 19 minutes swimming...

Wild Dolphins Counter Human Freedivers

Perth - Wild dolphins have been seen mounting yet another response to human incursions into their ancient domains. Increasing numbers of humans engaging in apnea diving, previously...

"Octosquid" Discovered in Hawai'ian Waters

Keahole Point, Big Island, HI - A heretofore unknown marine creature, said by observers to resemble cross beween a squid and an octopus, was found in waters...