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Technology, Performance and Connection with Nature: The Essence of Orca’s New Freedive Wetsuits


Freediving is perhaps one of the best disciplines for those who wish to discover the hidden secrets of the ocean. An ideal sport for any nature lover, it is a way to enjoy the ocean in all its splendor and achieve a meditative state and an unparalleled connection with nature.

Learning the technique, working to adapt to the environment, building lung flexibility, and following necessary safety measures are all important ways to enjoy your underwater experience to the fullest. A wetsuit that feels like a second skin gives you full freedom of movement and will be essential to enjoy your underwater experience fully.

This is precisely what Orca, the wetsuit brand with more than 25 years of experience in the water sports sector, set out to accomplish. Like the ocean, nature, and adventure lovers behind the brand, Orca has always been linked to the ocean and has promoted innovation and the use of new technologies in developing its high-performance products. The brand creates high-quality products and timeless designs for long-term use, contributing to a more sustainable market. The technical nature of its wetsuits is recognized by world-renowned freedivers, such as William Trubridge, who wore their suits for years, and the brand also participates in the famous Vertical Blue event.

Orca’s New Freedive Wetsuits

Recently, Orca has added two new freediving wetsuits to its catalog, which were developed to meet the unique needs of deep-sea enthusiasts. The Freedive Zen and the Freedive Mantra combine many advanced technologies and were designed to help the most demanding freedivers to enjoy their dives without any restrictions and to experience the peaceful and calm feeling that this sport brings.

Zen, Designed to Optimize Performance
Zen, Designed to Optimize Performance

Zen, Designed to Optimize Performance

Orca’s high-end Freedive wetsuit combines the most efficient pattern construction with the most technical materials. It was designed to minimize water resistance, making this the most hydrodynamic freediving suit on the market. William Trubridge, the world record holder for constant weight without fins, claims that “the Zen is the perfect wetsuit as it feels like a second skin.” Orca attributes this to the tight-fitting pattern and highly elastic materials, which allow the wetsuit to adjust perfectly to the freediver’s body, maximizing performance and providing total freedom of movement in the water. Its inverted zipper and the optimized seams in the lower back also ensure optimal flexibility in the hips and legs.


Mantra, Durability and Performance
Mantra, Durability and Performance

Mantra, Durability, and Performance

On the other hand, the Freedive Mantra wetsuit was developed to provide durability without sacrificing performance. The wetsuit’s materials and elastic properties allow it to adapt to the body comfortably. So that athletes can practice water sports in total comfort, its composition minimizes the ingress of water. The highly elastic materials making up the Mantra also allow for unrestricted movement.  It is the ideal suit for amateur freedivers and recreational divers just starting in this discipline who simply want to enjoy the sea.

The practice of freediving strengthens our connection to the ocean. The sport is truly special and, according to William Trubridge, “the purest of water sports. It makes me feel weightless, beyond time and space, moving freely in all directions, as dimensions disappear.” With this in mind, Orca developed the Zen and the Mantra, two wetsuits designed for those of us who want more than just sports, those who seek a connection with the ocean and who focus on the present moment.


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