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12 Inspiring Scuba Diving Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2020


These days we live our lives tied to our mobile phones and living through algorithms, but what happens if your algorithm is off or you feel it is limiting your exploration?

Don’t spend the days mindlessly scrolling through Instagram looking at stale or irrelevant content. It is time to add some accounts that make you feel good, and if your algorithm isn’t floating your boat then it’s time to engage with what you want to see and re-float that boat.

A quick win is to go on a “following rampage” making sure to focus on the very best active Scuba accounts that will add value to your feed and ignite that urge to dive.

We have saved you some research time by coming up with a shortlist of some super cool scuba accounts that are making a splash on the ‘gram

Sarah Gauthier

This self-professed ocean warrior has the perfect mix of great photography, dive life activity, and epic diving adventures across their Instagram account. Currently based out of a camper van traveling across Europe, diving everywhere along the way in her pink fins and cleaning up after the world. Stay up to date with their adventures through cool stories, a well-planned feed, and absorb the strong environmental message.

Inka Cresswell

Filmmaker, marine biologist, and photographer Inka is no stranger to a camera, and it shows. Having been being the lens since she was 11 or so, this diver sure can shoot. Her Instagram account is a reflection of her efforts to raise awareness and tell the stories of our wild planet in order to educate and encourage change. Get behind the scenes access to what life is like as an inspirational wildlife filmmaker on the road and some unreal shots of cool marine life.

Expect to get swept up in the wonderful energy of this emerging creator as you follow the epic journey that she so beautifully curates on her feed that will only get more exciting!

Jill Heinerth

Jill has curated an eye-catching mix of her beautiful photography, spanning her epic career. Discover heartwarming daily local activities topside and beneath the surface of Canada as she journals her homelife through photography and goes deeper into the locations Jill has discovered inside the earth on her cave diving adventures.

If that is not enough we get to join her for a swim with a hungry polar bear she encountered while in the water with her camera. Whatever you do, follow this feed and get ready to double-tap your heart out.

Sophie Morgan

This wildlife film-maker and CCR diver has a keen eye on current issues and talks passionately (at ultra-high speed) and proactively about conservation.

Sophie utilizes her talent for original storytelling techniques to inspire people to care about the ocean and its inhabitants through her feed and lifestyle. An acclaimed natural history TV producer and field director, follow this feed for an insight into what it’s actually like being a leader in the industry.

Don’t take my word for it, read about Sophie’s life on the frontline.


Artist, painter, professional scuba diver, Divemaster, a petroleum engineering graduate, cat mom, park roller skater… this diver’s social account will have you locked on, awaiting the next update on her commercial diving journey. Having gone through her commercial training recently Sarah represents a hopeful future for the commercial diving world. Binge on the highlights to catch up on all the action from her course and keep it pinned to follow her journey into the commercial world, and some beautiful mandala paintings too!

“To all the ladies out there, be DIFFERENT. Go out there and challenge yourself. If you are someone who is looking for a change, welcome to the club!!” – Sarah

Cristina Zenato

I know it’s an obvious one but if you don’t already follow Cristina’s Instagram profile then now is your chance.

Expect sharks, sharks, and more sharks, some even appearing to fall asleep on her lap, oh and caves galore! This active and passionate diver and educator are always on the go: undertaking expeditions, managing a full dive operation, supporting worthy non-profits (including her own), working on cave exploration and mapping. Lucky for you all of this is documented across her feed and in her highlights, happy scrolling!


The official account of is, of course, has been giving life to the underwater online community for years.

Featuring an enticing mix of scuba, freediving, ocean, and travel imagery this account is for anyone who is passionate about the ocean. This account is for every diver and all diving pursuits are given coverage which makes it the ultimate IG account for all things diving.

If you would like to see your images featured on our feed or as photo of the week, then get tagging your content with @deeperbluegram #deeperbluephoto now.

Maxwel Hohn

This account will feed your soul! Living the cold water dream life, this underwater explorer and videographer, based in Vancouver Island, has a unique take on marine beauty and we are sure you will dig it.

Often diving around the cool water of Vancouver Island but not limited to, Maxwel’s snaps of the marine wildlife he spots along his adventures are sensational and heartwarming.

His captions are equally as stimulating as the imagery, with sweet stories of his encounters and fish facts. Initially, this account caught our eye because of the documentation of tadpole development (each year is a real tear-jerking journey) and now we are glued to it every day.

Click that follow button now and be impressed.

William Drumm

Digital marketing pro and Huish ambassador William has nailed the new Reels feature on Instagram harder than anyone we have seen. We are open to being challenged on this but you will be hard pushed to find better marine life reels with lol, astute and witty captions.

From dancing machine crabs to wild Spanish dancers this guy understands engaging content. If this is not enough, he also treats us to family snaps with his new-born (who we suspect is a diver in training) and stunning imagery from under the sea.

Melodie Treviño

Check out this beautifully curated Instagram feed for lush imagery of warm water technical diving, rad cave exploration, and a strong sustainability message.

This diver clearly loves what they do and enjoys communicating her underwater journey through the feed to inspire others on their journey.

Melodie’s passion is infectious, so do be aware this feed will leave you googling flights to explore the Caribbean Coast of Mexico, buying new swimwear, and booking a Sidemount course!

Sarah Richard

No Instagram recommendations list would be complete without the master of social media herself, Sarah Richard, founder of GTS.

Aside from bossing the world’s largest online community for female divers, freedivers, and ocean advocates, Sarah has a very scrollable feed.

Perfectly combining content about dive travel, equipment, diving, female empowerment, and sustainability in a friendly and binge-able format. It is safe to say that this account has it all.

Jake Davies

Based in Wales, Jake and the team have mastered the art of capturing local marine wildlife and meticulously documenting its beauty alongside their dive adventures.

This commercial diver, videographer, and marine biologist shot to Instagram fame during lockdown with his epic content productions on a feed dedicated to “diving local”. Follow this feed for salt-of-the-earth diving passion and mesmerizing videos.

There are so many cool Instagram feeds out there for Scuba sea fans, too many to mention here! I’d love to know what accounts you recommend I follow, so that I too may spice up my IG algorithm! Please comment below with any suggestions.

Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown
Victoria is a staff writer for Avidly exploring the underworld since she was twelve, Victoria has been a professional diver for sixteen years and is now based back in the UK following many years touring the snowiest peaks and deepest green seas. From safety diving on media projects to creating content for the coolest brands in the diving industry, she has diving written all over her. Topside she can be found flying about on her bicycle or taking snaps of Sharky the cat.


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