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The Australian Freediving Association Proudly Presents Panpacs

The Australian Freediving Association (AFA) is pleased to announce the Pan Pacific Pool Freediving Championship in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia from November 25th through the 28th. Panpacs will be a three-day world record status competition for the freediving pool disciplines of static apnea, dynamic apnea without fins and dynamic apnea with fins.

Panpacs is open to athletes of any nationality, however, there will be special awards for competitors from Asia, Oceania and the Americas. For the purposes of this competition, Panpac countries are those nations that have a coastline on the Pacific Ocean, and/or are part of a continent around the Pacific rim. So, countries in Asia, North America, Central America, and South America are considered Panpac countries. This includes countries such as Russia, Iran, Singapore, and Argentina. Athletes from overseas territories of the Pacific (e.g. New Caledonia) are considered Panpac athletes if they are a citizen of the governing State and either 1) they were born the in the territory, 2) at least one parent or grandparent was born in the territory, or 3) they have resided in the territory for at least 2 years.The preliminary schedule is as follows:

  • Day 0 – Wednesday 25 November: Athlete registration and official training
  • Day 1 – Thursday 26 November: Static apnea
  • Day 2 – Friday 27 November: Dynamic apnea without fins
  • Day 3 – Saturday 28 November: Dynamic apnea with fins

Event organizer (and AFA President) Michael Bates is looking forward to sharing this experience with everyone, ranging from top athletes to the newest of freedivers.

Panpacs is the first event of its kind in our region and it aims to bring together the freediving community in this part of the world. It is a world record status competition, and has prize money too so there is definitely something for the elite divers. But, probably more importantly, it is a learning experience for divers of all levels. We are planning workshops and seminars, and it will be an opportunity to meet other athletes from all over the Asia-Pacific. As a good friend once said, `the secret about what makes freediving comps so awesome is the people’.

Training days prior to the competition will be available and details will be given closer to the competition dates. Check-out this in-list to see the full roster of all the athletes registered for the inaugural Panpacs, and for more information on the event go to the competition website here.

Panpacs will be held at the featured pool at the Sleeman Sports Complex
Panpacs will be held at the featured pool at the Sleeman Sports Complex
Francesca Koe
Francesca Koe
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