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The Ray of Hope is the Newest Wreck Dive in the Bahamas

Continuing the great cooperation between Government and the Private sector, the Port Authority of Nassau has released the 200-ft vessel "Ray of Hope" to Stuart Cove’s for sinking as an artificial reef.

On July 7, 2003 the team at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas, headed by Operations Manager David Eads, Facilities Manager Mark Lessard, and Maintenance Manager Alex Paul, completed preparations and successfully rested her on the bottom.

The 200-ft long wreck is sitting upright and is located directly behind the "Bahama Mama" with its bow at 40 feet sloping down to the stern at 60 feet. She landed fully intact and allows divers to penetrate her interior, cabins, and gangways. The large cargo hold is open and is crossed with beams that cast shadows along the floor.

While she was last legally registered as a Haitian freighter, her side plate indicates a previous registration in Belize. When you visit the office or engine room placards indicate she was constructed in Germany.

The "Bahama Mama" has deteriorated over the past few years. Placing the "Ray of Hope" behind her has created a welcome upgrade to the site. The location is excellent with wall and shark dive sites nearby. This new wreck will give underwater photographers incredible new views to frame their shots with.

The "Bahama Mama" as already one of the most popular wrecks on the island. The location has a large sand patch that looks like a giant runway from the air and sits right on the edge of the Tongue-of-the-Ocean wall. In addition, it is close to shore providing for short boat trips and good protection from the elements.

According to David Eads, "This one was not that difficult, all we had to do was wait for a good day, then we tied the bow of the ‘Ray of Hope’ to the ‘Bahama Mama’ and set out two stern anchors so she wouldn’t roll."

Alex Paul who headed up the cutting team added, "The government gave us plenty of access ahead of time to the vessel. That allowed my team to get on board while she was still tied up at the docks to cut through the bulkheads and tanks. With the extra time I was sure there were no air pockets that would have caused her to roll." The "Ray of Hope" is now the 16th wreck location on the southwestern side of New Providence Island and joins over 40 other named spots for recreational divers and snorkelers to explore the underwater world.

Stuart Cove’s is the leading full service dive operation on the island and can provide divers complete packages that include accommodations, ground transfers, and the underwater adventures of a lifetime.

To begin planning your first dive on the "Ray of Hope" visit or call 800-879-9832

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