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Top Freediving Books To Read In 2020

Whether you are already passionate about freediving or just learning about the sport, you may be wondering how to incorporate more of it into your time in the dry. There are plenty of freediving videos online, old competitions to rewatch, and, of course, the all-time classic Le Grand Bleu. If you want to switch up your interest into freediving books instead, whether it’s tips and techniques, freediving physiology, underwater photography, or just some light reading on the beach, check out our list below for the top 10 freediving books to read for 2020.

Freediving – The Guide for the First 10 Meters by Yannis Detorakis

This manual, written by experienced instructor Yannis Detorakis, logically outlines the skills any new freediver needs to know, analyzes common mistakes, covers the buddy system and rescue, and also includes dangerous situations that might occur and how to deal with them. Prospective freedivers should still take a certified course with an instructor, but this manual is an excellent read for those who are still new to freediving or are interested in trying it out.

Freediving: The Physiology – A Complete Guide for the 3 Levels of Freediving by Yannis Detorakis

From how to equalize your ears to shallow water blackout for the new divers, and advanced equalization methods to special diets for advanced freedivers, this manual has everything and in between covered for freedivers of all levels. Written in simple language that everyone can understand, this book also includes a comprehensive look at freediving physiology, along with detailed illustrations, photos, and sketches.

Specific Training for Freediving Deep, Static and Dynamic Apnea by Umberto Pelizzari

For those who are searching for specific training plans and techniques, Umberto Pelizzari’s new book is a must-read. Detailed training programs and guides are outlined in the book, along with tips on organization and Umberto Pelizzari’s own personal experience and evolution throughout the years. Included are pictures, explanatory tables, and interviews with some of the greatest freedivers in the world.

Oxygen: A Memoir by William Trubridge

William Trubridge, a multiple world-record holder, chronicles his childhood all the way up to his experiences on his journey as a competitive freediver. He offers honest insight into achieving performances, meeting expectations, and into his own mind on his quest to understand himself and his body’s limits.

Dry Training for Freediving: Analysis and Management of Physical Preparation by Umberto Pelizzari, Federico Mana, and Roberto Chiozzotto

Written by expert freedivers, Dry Training For Freediving aims to create and customize training programs for freedivers who want to increase their performance. Mental and physical training is included, as well as different training stages and an analysis of how to manage physical preparation.

Deeply by Umberto Pelizzari

Umberto Pelizzari’s own autobiography explores his life and freediving career, from his initiation into freediving in the pool, to training, competitions, world records, and his adventures all over the world. This book is not only an autobiography, but a journey into Pelizzari’s mind as he navigates his way through his experiences with the ocean.

Deeply Deeply
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One Breath: Freediving, Death, and the Quest to Shatter Human Limits by Adam Skolnick

Skolnick focuses not only on Nicholas Mevoli’s journey into freediving and competitions up until his untimely death during a world record attempt, but also on freediving as a whole. He explores the pull of the sport, the risks athletes undergo in the pursuit of going deeper, and delves into the world of competitive freediving.

Glass and Water: The Essential Guide to Freediving for Underwater Photography by Mark Harris

If you are interested in exploring freediving and underwater photography as a freediver, Glass and Water offers contributions from expert underwater photographers on the skills, knowledge, and equipment you will need to begin your voyage into capturing special moments underwater.

The Last Attempt by Carlos Serra

Carlos Serra writes his first-hand account witnessing and investigating the extremely unfortunate and suspicious death of Audrey Mestre at her attempt to set a world record in no-limits freediving. An absorbing narrative into one of the most devastating accidents to occur in the competitive freediving world, it is definitely a page-turner.

The Dive: A Story of Love and Obsession by Francisco Ferreras and Linda Robertson

The Dive is Pipin Ferrera’s account, written through a ghostwriter, on how he met his wife, Audrey Mestre, and their combined journey into Audrey’s attempt to break the world-record in no-limits freediving, resulting in a fatal accident shrouded in suspicion.

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